Barpeta Satra all set to celebrate Dol Yatra

Barpeta Correspondent: The Assam Tribune
BARPETA, Feb 26 – Known as the second Baikunthapuri and the centre of Neo Vaisnavite culture, Barpeta Satra is all set to celebrate Dol Yatra with a four-day long programme from March 7 to 10 next. Extensive preparation is on to celebrate the festival in grand manner in the famous satra established by Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhabdeva.

As per the astrological count Gondh or Bahnutshava will be observed on March 7. Adhibash of Dol Gobinda and Kalia Thakur will be completed in the threshold of the Satra Math in the afternoon that day after they will be brought out of the Manikut. The idols of the Dol Gobinda and Kalia Gosai will be rounded seven times around the Meji and will be kept in the Jagmohan Griha. They will be erected in the Dol in the appropriate moment according to the astrological calculation.

Fireworks will be exhibited by the local artisans of Barpeta on the evening of the Gondh Yatra which will be one of the main attractions of the festival.

On March 8 and 9 devotees from all across the State will offer their prayer to the Dol Gobinda and Kalia Gosai . The famous Suweri or Fakuwa is scheduled to be observed this year on March 10.

Dol Gobinda will be taken out to the Kalbari Satra to feed Heketa in the afternoon that day just after the afternoon prayer. Removal of the obstruction in the entrance of the Tup will take place after the return of the Dol that evening. The four-day extravaganza will come to an end as soon as the entrance of the Dol Gobinda in the Manikut after moving seven times around along the Satra Temple.

Religious rituals including the Gurughat, Dhemali, Byaha Kirtan Ghosha Kirtan will be performed all the days of the festival. Cultural festival, competition on Holi geet and performance of Dhulia will be exhibited in the festival.

The Satra management committee has arranged special arrangements for the distribution of food item to the visitors coming from outside Barpeta during the festival. A Dol celebration committee along with several sub committees have begun full preparation to observe the revered festival in a grand and clueless way.


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