Holi (Fakuwa) Festival 2015

Holi or Fakuwa or Deul festival of Barpeta Satra is going to celebrate on March 4th to 8th/2015 (অহা ফাগুন মাহৰ 19 তাৰিখৰ পৰা 23 তাৰিখ 566 শংকৰাব্দ). This time festival will be celebrating for 5 long days. The Gandh or 1st day of Deul will be celebrate on 4th March and Bhar deul on 5th to 7th followed by Suweri on 8th March. Festival is waiting for a massive crowd all over the world….


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a cultural devotee of barpeta satra
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1 Response to Holi (Fakuwa) Festival 2015

  1. Doul festival is a famous festival in India. Apart from the rest of the country it is the tremendous occasion for the people of Barpeta.During the “doul utsava” the hearts of Barpetians are overwhelmed with festivity and joy. It is a festival of colour and happiness.I want to enjoy this festival in my hometown Barpeta but for last many years it is not possible for me. I really miss the entire doul utsav.I wish all the barpetian a very happy doul utsav and the festival must be running successfully and happily for upcoming years.

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