Constitution of Barpeta Satra

It was void through the magistrate of Assam valley District dated 19-08-1935 to manage the Satra institute. Responsibility and works are remaining same, but amount/ fund and banking policies are changes time by time.
Chapter I
Unit I

1. Samuh: The constitution of voter is calling ‘Samuh’.
2. Mahapurushia : The devotees and followers of vaishnavate faith of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev is call “ Mahapurushia”
3. Any person, whose father was a Mahapurushia, he remain a Mahapurushia until and unless he change his religion. Similarly a person is a Mahapurushia but his father is not Mahapurushia, he can’t be Mahapurushia until and unless he takes the “Naam” of Mahapurushia.
4. ‘Kar’: (The Tax) All the member give annual fees to central treasury is called ‘Kar’. Managing committee has rights to decide the annual fees rate.
5. ‘Dar’: if any person break the rule of Mahapurushia follows, he would be punished and fined for his activity. The fine imposed is call ‘‘Dar’’.
6. ‘Bhag’: The all tax payer of Satra give donation or fees to Satra, that is called ‘‘Bhag’’. All members have to give ‘Bhag’ two times in a year. Once in the time of Kirtan and once in the time of Deul Mohotsav.
7. Process to take ‘‘Bhag’’: all the Mahapurushia people can take ‘Bhag’ in the Satra. They have to pay nominal admission fees to Managing committee. Majumder ( The accountant) give receipt to the person as a member of the Satra as well as he is eligible for giving vote on Satra election. If someone missed or not paying the annual fees he loses his ‘Bhag’. The said person can again take the ‘Bhag’ with repay all his dues with a new admission fees.
8. ‘Bhag’ will be followed hierarchy of family. After death of father /husband, ‘Bhag’ will continue with the Son or wife of the person. Any person/ member of the family can take ‘Bhag’.
9. ‘Pala’: All the members are responsible to do work in the Satra or Satra premises. That responsibility is call ‘‘Pala’’. The responsibility to do on ‘‘Pala’s are follow
i) Cleaning of Kirtan Ghar Sotal ( Field)
ii) Collection of flower and Tulasi for daily prayer.
iii) Beating of Drum (Doba) and bell
iv) Collecting of Bokul for daily uses.
v) Preserve of all goods, which are giving by people on the name of Satra.
vi) Give security to Satra surrounding ( day and night)
10. If someone fail to do above ‘Pala’ or fail to give fees as decide, he will discard as a member of the Satra.
The Member of the Satra working (managing) Committees and office bearer responsibility
The responsibility of the Managing Committee is to manage Satras day to day activities and administrating all Satra related works. Below are the list of office bearer and responsibility of each.
i) President ( always Burha Satria will be president)
ii) Secretary: he will be the main responsible person for all administrative work.
iii) Register : responsible for taking care of membership
iv) Majumder : responsible for maintaining daily accounts
v) Ghai Bharali: the treasurer, who is responsible for all goods of Satra.
vi) Burha Satria: he is the chief guru or administrator of the Satra.
vii) Deka Satria : assistant to Burha Satria and responsible for all activities in absence of Burha Satria
viii) Chaul Bharali: he is responsible for maintain rice which are collecting from the member of the Satra.
ix) Choru Bharali: he is responsible for maintaining the teracota utensil of the Satra.
x) Mass Bharali: he is responsible for collecting fish and distribute it in between the pilgrimage (yatri)
xi) Hishap rakshak: he is the chief accountant of the Satra. Accountant is not a professional qualified accountant. He is nominated by the executive member of the committee.

Chapter II
Rights of disciple and works
Unit II
1. All the units of Satra (Hati) are the owner of the Satra and they are the main deciding authority to Satra.
2. For Managing the Satra there will be a Managing Committee.
3. All member of the Satra elected Deka and Burha Satria as well as Managing Committee members.
4. All people have the rights to terminate of Satria and member of the Managing Committee. If they found any illegal activity of any member or Satria and if they are not capable to handle his responsibility due to age factor or so on.
Unit III
1. All member have rights to give vote
2. All Mahapurushia (above the age of 18 years) men and women will be member and voter of the Satra.
3. Member has no residential barrier but a voter should be reside within Barpeta municipal board.
4. If someone reside outside of Satra barrier but they want to keep membership of the Satra they have to follow the following criteria.
i) He or she have to pay ‘‘Kar’’
ii) He/she have to pay ‘‘Dar’’
iii) He have to work something for the Satra.
i) All the ‘Kowarta’ community who supply annual fish to Satra, if they don’t have membership, still they have rights to vote.
ii) All the ‘Hira’ community people can be member with the name of their community.
Unit IV
Preparation of voter List:
1. All voter list will be prepared on the form provided by District Judge appointed commissioner (Now election commissioner)
2. On the time General election of the Managing Committee, Deka and Burha Satria, voter list be re-consider/re-scan. Need to give notice in Kirtan Ghar and Assamese newspaper before 2 month. if someone have any objection, that can be rectified within that period.
3. There will be a register book for voter and name should be ascending order of alphabet. Every constituency have separate register book. In every register have separate coloum for men and women.
Unit V
Membership: as per unit 3
Unit VI
If someone declined any of rules of Unit 3, their membership will be terminated.
Unit VII
Procedure of election
1. For betterment of election, Satra would be divided in some constituency.
2. Every constituency have a polling booth with an election polling office in presence of agent of every contestant.
3. Male people vote can be taken in a single day
4. Female vote can be taken on single day with male or may be taken separately.
5. If possible for female voter will be conducted by female polling officer and contestant agent also is a female.
6. Male & female vote can be taken in vote-box. ( It was implemented by order from District Judge in 5th January , 1977, before that male vote taken in box and women vote taken openly).
Chapter 3
Election of Burha Satria and Deka Satria and their discontinuity
1. Burha Satria and Deka Satria will be elected by general election, but there should be minimum 500 votes to be poll.
2. If Burha Satria post laying vacant, than Managing Committee approach District Judge(now election commission officer) for election and election commission fixed a date for general election.
3. Election date should be published in Assam gadget, Assamese newspaper and locality.
4. Publication should be before 21 days of general election date.
5. Election can’t be cancel showing issue of publishing.
6. If Deka Satria post is laying vacant, Managing Committee can fixed a date for general election without informing District Judge (Election commission) and publish the date in all applicable manner.
Unit IX
Discontinuity of Deka and Burha Satria
1. At least minimum 300 voters can approach Managing Committee with written application for dismiss of a Burha or Deka Satria , reasoning their bad/ill character, physical or mental situation/ stability to continue their responsibility.
2. Managing Committee asked all the respective member of the Committee before 15 days and call for an emergency meeting for voters approach. If Satria have to say something about allegation about him, he get scope to speak before them. If 2/3 of the member of Managing Committee agrees with allegation against Satria and its proof as a truth, then it will produce before “‘Samuh’”. If there would be minimum 750 voters and if they vote against Satria, than Managing Committee will consider the Satria as dismissed. After that Managing Committee have to inform District Judge (EC) about the situation. A general election would be happen for new selection of Satria, but if ‘Samuh’ not found any guilty about Satria and not dismiss them, they can be lifelong on their position.
Chapter 4
Managing Committee
Unit X
1. Duty of Satra is for religious activity only and that duty will be managing by 28 representatives, who are elected by the people of ‘Samuh’. Burha Satria and Deka Satria will be president and vice-president of the Committee respectively
Unit XI
Qualification of the member of Managing Committee
1. Every voter can be member of the Committee if they are elected by voters.
Unit XII
1. Election of the member of the Managing Committee : on the time of election for the member of Managing Committee will being elected as per guidance of election commissioner and elected from all cast to maintain equality. The entire devotee also wishes that representative should be from all community.
2. If a member position is lying vacant, than that post will be filling up by re-election.
1. If a member of Managing Committee death on his tenor, if the member loses his voting power or if he resigns from the said post, than that post will be vacant.
2. If a member absent in 6th general meeting continuously and not taken any written approval from president, than that member will lose his post and a re-election will be happen on his post.
Unit XIV
Term of a Managing Committee is 3 years. After completion of terms, there will be election again as per Unit XII
Unit XV
Koram of Managing Committee and time for general meeting.
1. If 1/3 of member attend than they can continue their duty.
2. Every 15 days , in a specific time there will be a general meeting
3. If emergency than body meeting can be call with a 24 hour notice.
Unit XVI
Managing Committee and member of office bearer.
1. Managing Committee will be select one secretary, one assistant secretary, one register , one accountant , one treasurer from the member. Burha and Deka Satria will be president and vice-president respectively.
2. On the process of office bearer selection: if both sides have equal vote, than president can’t be vote either side. On that condition, conclusion will be getting through toss. ( as per District Judge guidance, 20th April, 1977)
3. Every year in general meeting they will appoint an auditor for auditing the entire accounts. The auditor can’t be a member of Managing Committee
Responsibility of Managing Committee
1. Managing Committee will be managed all the responsibility and administration of the Satra in ideal manner.
2. They will arrange fund for any religious activity
3. They will collect the earnings of Satra.
4. They will be trying to preserve all the property of Satra as well as try to recover any lost item or property. They will represent ‘Samuh’ in any religious work and cases.
5. They will accounting the fund and earnings of Satra and deposit the same in any bank, who is recognise under Reserve bank of India or in post office.
6. If a Committee is irresponsible and they spend the fund in any illegal or unauthorized work, than the whole Committee will be responsible for the same. On that prospect individual also responsible for the same.
7. If the term of the Committee ends, the Committee will be responsible to make new Committee and after that dissolve the old Committee.
8. If any position lying vacant, than they will arrange a re-election for that post.
9. The Committee will be present a Budget of earn and expanses in the beginning of the year. General body can add or remove some point with member vote. For any emergency expense, the Committee can present a small Budget in front of general body before 15 days of expense. Majority of voter can accept or reject the same.
10. There need to give 15 days’ notice before presenting annual Budget and 7 days required for any sub Budget. If anything not written on accepted Budget, than they can’t spend anything.
Rights of Managing Committee
1. Managing Committee can appoint any person for religious activity and they can restricted any person if found guilty.
2. They can use stamp of Satra in any work related to Satra.
3. They can decide the amount of tax, admission fees for ‘‘Bhag’’ quantity of rice for ‘Bhag’ and they have rights to fixed price of fish which gives by kowarta (a cast)
4. Responsible for maintaining property of Satra.
5. They can do any legal activity in favour of Satra and Bhakat. The expenditure will bear by Satra.
6. They can’t be spending any amount if there is no involvement of Satra or interest of Satra. All the expenditure Budget should be accepted by vote.
7. They can spend amount for any festival with due permission from Bhakat.
Unit XIX
Economy and fund of Satra.
Amount collect for ‘Kar’ (tax), ‘Dar’ and ‘Pala’ should be deposit in the hand of Majumder.
Rice, Saru, and Fish, all the goods need to be deposit in the hand of Bharali. For other purpose amount should be deposit by accountant. Amount collect on prayer will be collected by Ghai Deuri. On the time of deposited collector give a receipt to depositor. Everyday collection will be deposit to Majumder.
Majumder will maintain ledger and cashbook. Later on he will show the details to accountant. If accountant find all the ledger and cash book ok, than he sign on the ledger and cash book. Accountant will be maintaining various account books for various activities. Accountant will be responsible for showing all voucher and receipt to auditor. Accountant will deposit the entire amount in bank passbook except emergency fund, which was passing on Budget.
Unit XX
Fund of Satra.
Treasurer can’t keep more than Rs. 200 in Satra treasury. He can deposit up to RS. 2000 in his personal postal savings accounts for Satra.
He has to give Rs.500 security deposit for the same. Other amount should be deposit in any nationalise bank under Reserve Bank of India guidelines. President and two other members will be authorising for withdrawal deposited amount. Gold, silver and any other valuable goods would be kept in the safety vault of Satra. Ornaments for daily use would be kept open.
Unit XXI
Accountant will be submitting and produce Budget in front of Managing Committee .Budget for next year would be prepared before Magh month. Budget would be produced by Managing Committee in general meeting. Expenditure would be divided as per Budget; nobody can take out any amount from treasury except accountant. As per Managing Committee, they will elect 2 member along with president for authorising to withdraw amount from saving bank. Any person who expense any amount as per Budget and authorise by Managing Committee, he have to give all details to accountant without fail. In every month end treasurer and accountant would give detail about accounts in front of Managing Committee and they authorise the same.
Accounts Audit
Auditor who has appointed by Managing Committee will be auditing all accounts within the year. He will give a audit report to secretary and secretary will be produce it in front of Managing Committee. In every 3 years, Satra will be request to government for auditing the fund of Satra. If a govt. auditor found anything wrong on audit report, he will submit the same to District Judge and Judge will ask clarification from Managing Committee.
Responsibility of office bearer
President: he will be head of every meeting of Managing Committee. In any meeting if there arise some dispute and raise up to vote and vote number is equal to each party than president have rights to give his vote to any party.
Assistant President: he will be responsible for every work in absence of president including act as a head of the organisation. If both president and assistant president are absence, than member can select one from them to lead that days meeting.
1. Secretary would note all the procedure and works of Satra and every noted document should have sign of president.
2. He can accept and keep all the application, except application for re-voting. Secretary has rights to answer all those application and letter. If the matter is serious than he can discuss the same with the member. ( it is mandatory that all application/letter should be address to president)
3. Secretary produces audit report in general meeting.
Voter list would be in the hand of register. He will accept application for voter registration and evaluate the criteria of the voter and if found match the criteria, then register put the name of applicant name in voter register. If he found any miss-match on that he will produce it in front of Managing Committee and Managing committees decision would be consider as a final decision. On the time of voter registration application, they have to pin up certificate of ‘Bhag’ or tax payer certificate (any of them). Receipt will be return back after voter registration. Register would checked if they have any due of tax, if they have any due than have to pay tax before registration.
Subject to religious activity
All the religious activity or function will maintain tradition and continue as per traditional way.
Unit XXV
If any person fined anything wrong on religious activity and that rule not beneficial for Satra, he would be question in front of Managing Committee. If Managing Committee find that rights but not able to justify or do any conclusion, then they can make appeal in front of District Judge. District Judge then supervise the matter and give Judgement on that. After Mathura Das Burha Ata, the selection of Satria have made through by raising hand in favour of some one. After 1935, that was done through giving vote in ballot box.